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Welcome to First Nine! This site features my vintage Baseball card collection. My primary focus is on the 1886-90 N172 Old Judge issue. My goal with this project is simply to acquire what I can, and enjoy the ride along the way.

I also collect the occasional 19th and early 20th Century Type Card.

Eventually, I plan on adding Baseball and hobby related articles and commentary. Just the cards for now.

N172 Old Judge

Barnes, John 20-2
Bishop, Bill 29-3
Daley (Daily,) Con 112-2
Daly, Tom 114-5
Gleason, Kid 192-3
Graves, Frank 197-5
Greer, Ed 199-4
McKean, Ed 314-4
O'Brien, Billy 350-4
O'Rourke, Tom 359-4
Radbourn, Old Hoss 377-3
Swartzel, Park 450-3
Twitchell, Larry 468-2
Von Der Ahe, Chris 476-1
Ward, John 478-5

Type Cards

1895 Mayo's Cut Plug N300
1903 Bresich-Williams E107
1910 American Caramel E125
1910 Clement Bros. D380